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1Salesman (2)1、Men and women are not limited to college education
2、More than one year working experience in marketing or logistics packaging industry
3、Proficient in using office office software, standard Mandarin
4、Have good interpersonal communication and coordination ability, can hard-working, strong team spirit, good compression ability
5、Welcome fresh graduates to join
2Engineering research and development (2)1、Age: 30 - 25 years old college or above
2、Mold design or electrical automation major (excellent fresh graduate can be considered)
3、Proficiency in the use of pro/e Autcad and office office software
4、With more than one year working experience in tooling and logistics packaging industry, familiar with the process of new product development, have a certain understanding of plastic mold
5.Have a strong sense of responsibility and self-motivated, able to obey the leadership of the company

Suzhou CIMC LC Logistics Technology co., LTD
Address:No. 20,Fuze Road,Suzhou Industrial Park,Jiangsu Province,215122 China
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Address:No.20,Fuze Road,Suzhou Industrial Park,Jiangsu Province,215122 China



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