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CIMC TransPack Technology Overview

A wholly-owned subsidiary of CIMC, located in Shekou, Shenzhen, with a registered capital of RMB 0.8 billion, specialized in unit-load logistics carriers with 20+ years of industry experience

One-stop integrated solutions of R&D and manufacturing, leasing and operation, and transport packaging, specific to the automotive, chemical and food industries

25 member companies, 4 manufacturing bases and 6 professional service units in China. 300+ service outlets throughout China

Suzhou CIMC LC joined CIMC family in 2020, making transformation, upgrading and diversified business layout, began to study the new demands of new industries, providing diversified, customized, precise packaging solutions

Suzhou CIMC LC Overview

Suzhou CIMC LC Technology Co.,Ltd, founded in 1998. Since more than 20 years, LC has focused on R&D, design, production and manufacturing of recyclable logistics load equipment, providing innovative recyclable packaging solutions for all industries.

Products range includes: New Energy Logistics Load Equipment, Large Folding Logistics Load Equipment, Universal Logistics Load Equipment, Blister Logistics Load Equipment, other customized logistics load solution, recyclable leasing and service.

Suzhou CIMC LC Logistics Technology Co.,Ltd is committed to making mobile carriers enter a recyclable era.
Development History


Set sail

Born in the campus of Soochow University, after continuous accumulation of R&D results of packaging technology and employee’s expanding, began to build the first plant and import the advanced production equipment, it officially put into production of anti-static packaging products, providing packaging solutions for the electronics industry


Strive ahead

Successively established subsidiaries in Guangzhou, Changchun and other places, continued to explore the market demand, began to explore in the automobile industry, providing a full range of auto parts packaging solutions from Japanese automobile series to European and American automobile series


Climb new heights

With the continuous improvement of packaging R&D technology and word of mouth, it develops steadily in the automobile industry; at the same time, it advocates the packaging concept of recycling and innovation, and promotes the standardization of packaging industry

2019 up to now

Strategic reform

After transformation and upgrading, it has joined CIMC family, diversified business layout, studied the new demands of new industries, such as e-commerce, home appliances, new energy… especially new energy industry, the diversified, customized, precise packaging solutions satisfactorily meet its packaging requirements
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