Blister Logistics Carrier

   Blister packaging is called containerless packaging, saving a lot of raw and auxiliary materials, reducing packaging waste, conforming to the requirements of moderate and reduced packaging energetically advocated by the world

   Widely used in automobile, new energy, home appliance, electronics and other industries
   Common materials: PET, PVC, PP, PS, ABS, TPU etc.

Thin Blister Packaging Products

Thin blister packaging products are mainly suitable for smaller precision parts, they are generally used as dunnage within plastic turnover box, carton box etc, having better performance for the parts’ cleanliness requirement and positioning protection.

Thick Blister Packaging Products

Thick blister packaging products are mainly suitable for larger precision parts, generally can be used as a separate packaging unit. Its wide application well solves the collision problem between different parts. Because some sharp surfaces of machined parts will damage the contact area of blister dunnage and make chips during transportation, the parts with higher cleanliness requirements can take special solutions, we have summarized various reliable solutions in the long-term practice which are widely used in automobile plants in China.